More Tips for Improving Air Consumption

Bubble ring
Way back when, we gave a handful of tips for improving your air consumption. Today we have a few more.

  • Be prepared. Have your equipment checked out and ready before you enter the water. Any problems will cost you in air. Also, know your dive site and bring appropriate equipment. If you know you won't need the camera, for instance, leave it behind. It'll improve your air consumption.
  • Beware of free-flowing regulators. Some regulators tend to free-flow often. Be aware if you have one of these so you can catch it as soon as you enter the water. Free-flows drain air fast.
  • Learn to kick properly. This is a topic for another article, but learning the proper kick technique will minimize wasted energy underwater.

Along with the previous list, choose one or two of these items to focus on each time you dive. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much air you'll end dives with.

Photo by aa7ae