Scuba Dive Gear Paint

Fabric Paint
Last weekend we were in a local dive shop killing some time. We saw some fabric paint for sale that was meant for writing your name on gear, or drawing pretty pictures, who knows. How much? 8 bucks.

Looking closer, we saw that the label, which said something like, "Scuba Dive Gear Paint", was actually affixed on top of another manufacturer's label. My girlfriend, Maritza, pointed out the manufacturer, telling me they sold that brand in Michael's, the arts and crafts store.

Later that day we happened to pass by a Michael's, so we stopped in. Sure enough, we saw the exact same bottles of paint. Cost? One dollar.

If you're looking to mark up your gear, don't buy "specialized" paint from a dive shop. Go to an arts & crafts store for the same stuff. Here is the kind of fabric paint we bought.