Fish Identification: Sand Diver

[Sand Diver][]
Sand divers are an interesting fish. While they can be thought of as a reef fish, you are more likely to see them beside the reef than actually on it.

Physical description

Sand divers are in the lizardfish family and share most of the same characteristics. They have longer, cylindrical shaped bodies. They range in size from 4 - 14 in (10 - 35 cm), although you may occasionally see a larger one.

Their heads resemble that of a lizard, with a wide mouth and prominent eyes. They have a fanned dorsal fin on the middle of their back, and two pectoral fins that usually are on the sea bottom so that they almost look like little legs.

Sand diver bodies have a white / tan base that resembles sand, with dark splotches all over their body that look like ink-blotted rings. This is, no doubt, to hide them in the sand from predators.

Geography and habitat

Sand divers live in tropical and sub-tropical waters across the world.

Sand divers are bottom-dwelling fish. You will usually find them in sand patches that neighbor reefs, often underneath or near a rock or coral for pretection from their rear.

[Sand Diver]: