What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Diving

I came across this article about what entrepreneurs can learn from scuba diving. The article points you to a 128-page PDF document called "The Scuba Sutras", written by Guhesh Ramanathan. Ramanathan is a diver and businessman who has written up ten business lessons that parallel the sea.

The ten lessons are:

  1. I will never dive without a check.
  2. I will maintain neutral buoyancy.
  3. I will enjoy the dive, not just the fish.
  4. I will be a good buddy.
  5. I will not confuse expertise with certificates.
  6. I will respect the currents around me.
  7. I will remember that trigger fish can be more dangerous than sharks.
  8. I will remember my 50 bar limit.
  9. I will pass on my enthusiasm to a non-diver.
  10. I will remember there is always another ocean to dive.

The document appears to be written by a non-native speaker, so some of it reads a little awkward. Nevertheless, there is some interesting stuff here for divers and entrepreneurs alike.

You can find the PDF document here, or at the bottom of the short article.