Don't Make Me Wait

Nobody likes waiting, and they especially don't like people who make them wait. Don't be that person!

When diving from a boat, make sure you are completely ready before moving to the platform. Dawdling on the edge of the boat is highly inconsiderate for those jumping in after you, the crew helping divers off the boat, and your buddy waiting in the water. It's also dangerous, since a jolt to the boat could toss you overboard.

Before moving to enter the water, check that you have done everything to be ready, including

  • Complete buddy check
  • Mask defogged
  • Mask strap adjusted
  • Fins ready to put on (straps loosened)
  • Extra gear (like a camera) ready

This list is by no means comprehensive, but is a starting point for what should run through you head. Please, don't keep divers waiting. If you do it to me, I might push you in the water. :)