Dive Instructors Travel the World

I recently came across this article on world travelers who make their money online. The first profile is of a British couple who travel the world as dive instructors.

Ben Stokes and Sarah Kemsley met on vacation in Malaysia (while diving, I assume). Neither of them returned to school, and instead live abroad setting up dive tours. They spend 3-4 months at a time in various locations. Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Honduras, Belize, Fiji---their home bases read like a top dive destination list from a travel magazine.

I imagine it is difficult keeping a steady stream of customers working in this fashion, especially in the highly-competitive dive market. The trick, as the article suggests, is keeping their living expenses to a bare minimum. It's not for everyone, but I think their chosen lifestyle is very cool. For the interested, it looks like they keep a mildly-updated blog of what they're up to.

Hats off to Ben and Sarah for living their dream!