Cleaning O-rings

We have a quick tip today about cleaning O-rings.

It can be very easy for dirt and lint to hide on O-rings. The grease practically acts as a magnet, letting dirt easily stick. If you're not careful, a few well-placed pieces could even compromise the seal on your equipment---a costly oversight.

To minimize these chances, try cleaning your O-rings on a white (or light-colored) surface. The white will contrast with (most) dirt, making it easier to identify and remove.

[A dirty o-ringClick to enlarge][]
This picture shows the same O-ring, with lint, on a white surface and a wooden tabletop. While difficult to see on either, the dirty is slightly more visible with the white background. This tabletop is fairly light, so the problem gets even worse with darker surfaces.

[A dirty o-ringClick to enlarge]: