Valentine's Day Gifts for Scuba Divers

Need a gift for that special diver in your life? You may think diving-related gifts always break the bank, but here's a list of mostly inexpensive ideas. Some of these can be extremely handy gadgets for a diver, even if she would never think to buy it for herself.

  • Retractors, clips, etc. - These little guys can be immensely useful.
  • Fancy dive log - Is your partner crazy about maintaining a meticulous log book? Maybe one of these is for him.
  • Spring fin straps - These things are great for slipping open-heeled fins on and off easily.
  • Mask cover - We've talked about how awesome these things are.
  • Noisemakers - Get a pair of these, one for each of you. Check out your options at our article on noisemakers for scuba divers.
  • Dive knife - Depending on where they dive, a knife could be useful. Nothing says I love you like weaponry.
  • Dive bag - A very practical gift, since we all have to haul our luggage around somehow.
  • Spare parts kit - Especially good for the tinkerer.
  • Dive light - Not the cheapest gift, but good if your significant other enjoys night diving, and always has to rent a light.

What are your clever gift ideas for scuba divers?