Shark Feeder Bit - What a Surprise

A scuba excursion operator was bit on the arm during a recent "shark interaction" dive. Now I’m not going to say he deserved it. That’s unkind, and it’s not true. You all know how I feel about shark feeding. If not, click the link and read. I’ll wait.

The funny thing about this story, no funny is not the right word, the ironic thing about this story is that Florida outlawed shark feeding years ago. This guy operates out of Florida, yet takes his guests all the way to the Bahamas, where feeding is still legal. Somehow I doubt this little nibble on his arm will serve as a wake-up call. They’ll probably give him a TV special and declare him "brave" for facing the treacherous beasts. By the way, someone died 3 years ago during an identical tour. I’m guessing that won’t be mentioned in the TV spot.

My worry isn’t even about people getting hurt. If you’re participating, you know the risk. It’s more about protecting the sharks and their natural habitat and instincts, which in turns conserves our enjoyment of the water for many years to come. Like everyone says, do it for the kids.

I know it’s tough being a dive operator. I know it’s even tougher these days with people keeping tight grips on their dollars. You’ve got to be creative to get business, but is this really the way to do it? Be a little more creative, and maybe there will still be a business in 30 years.