Scuba and National Security

It's been popular lately talking about the TSA and the security theater around x-ray screenings. Well, why can't I talk about national security, too?

About 3 years ago, the FBI issued a scuba industry alert to instructors, to keep an eye on suspicious behavior.

The alert includes indicators considered red flags:

  • Requests to dive in murky water or sewer pipes
  • Inquires about procedure such as diver towing
  • Use of re-breathers and Diver Propulsion Vehicles
  • Deep diving
  • Conducting kick counts
  • Receiving extra navigation training
  • Paying cash for diving instruction
  • Refusal or reluctance to provide personal information

Of course, any one of these things is meaningless, but I'd have to agree that several of them in conjunction qualifies as suspicious behavior.

At least we already have to take our shoes off to dive.

Thanks to the amazing Maritza for the link.