Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy

Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy
I'm going back to Bonaire in a few weeks to complete my PADI divemaster training. Along with all my gear, one thing I'll be taking is the book Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy (BSDME).

BSDME is a small book describing 75 dive sites in Bonaire. Officially, there are 63 dive sites in Bonaire (not counting Klein), so the book more than adequately covers most diving spots. In particular, it shares the easiest entry and exit points. This can be a huge time saver for shore dives, where rocks and waves make entry and exit challenging.

BSDME also gives a brief description of the dive site, including slopes and formations that are helpful for planning dives. Sometimes it will indicate what type of marine life to expect on a particular site, and where to look for it. There are no pictures in BSDME, if that's what you are expecting. This page on the book's website gives a sample for the Andrea II dive site. Expect 75 of those, nothing more, nothing less.

73, actually. As of 2009, the Town Pier and Salt Pier sites were closed to the public after structural damage from Hurricane Omar. The 5th edition of BSDME still has these sites listed, so they may be removed from future editions.

Most dive shops in Bonaire have a copy of this book lying around for customer perusal. However, I recommend picking up your own copy to keep with you. It's fairly inexpensive, and is a handy reference for dive planning the night before, and especially while at dive sites when on-the-fly adjustments are required.