Adventures of Scuba Jack

Naturally, this title caught my eye. Who is Scuba Jack? I had expected a fellow blogger who chronicled their underwater adventures through an appropriately named blog. Instead, I found that Adventures of Scuba Jack is a set of DVDs for pre-schoolers.

Scuba Jack is in the style of Blue’s Clues, for those familiar with the popular blue dog and her clueless custodian. In a series of episodes, Jack takes your children on various learning adventures that seems like a mashup of many other shows (Blue’s Clues, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, Dora the Explorer, etc.). It does, however, include learning about underwater life and creatures. Maybe I’ll watch it.

I’m not sure if I agree with the name “Scuba Jack”, though. He looks more like “Snorkeling Jack”. If nothing else, I’m curious to watch an episode to see where Jack goes diving in such skimpy exposure protection.

Despite his lack of proper scuba attire, I’m sure Adventure of Scuba Jack teaches pre-schoolers lots of valuable skills, especially with the included workbooks. And I’m happy if children are exposed to scuba, underwater life, and all things aquatic from a young age.